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Safety tips for skiing

1. Skiers should wear ski wear, ski gloves, face protection, knee pads and other protective gear when skiing.

2, a few minutes of warm-up exercises before skiing can relax your body and avoid muscle strain caused by sudden exertion in the movement.
3. When skiers use ski equipment, they should check snow shoes, snow poles, snowboard and disconnector. If there are problems, replace them in time.
4, skiers should improve the ego to protect consciousness, strengths, we can better control the sliding speed, and can avoid an obstruction on the ski slopes and other skiers, can the ski to higher-level trail.
5. When the skier pauses during the skiing, he must stay on both sides of the snow road so as not to interfere with others' taxi.
6. Skiers should avoid the skiers in front of them while skiing. In case of collision, the responsibility should be borne by the skier behind.
7. When the skier discovers that another person is injured, do not move easily, should inform the snow field ambulance personnel to do the disposal as soon as possible.
When skiing, it is not proper to store hard articles in clothing. Key, pen, mobile phone, camera etc. You should not wear non-professional ski glasses when skiing in case you fall or injure your body in sports.
9. Tourists who do not wear skid devices are prohibited to stay, wander or cross the taxiway.
10. Patients suffering from heart disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, schizophrenia and doctors who are not suitable for strenuous exercise are not suitable for skiing. No drunken skiing is allowed.
11. Children ski must be accompanied by adults.
The skier shall comply with the regulations of the snow field, follow the arrangement of the staff, and take care of his valuables.