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From the beginning of 2013 we have organized the "first China Changchun MIaoXiangShan ski Festival" in the four seasons of the year; "nine Changchun hosted ice Culture Tourism Festival Xiangshan Temple Snow Festival"; "the first temple" over the top "Xiangshan UTV Invitational"; "Xiangshan Temple hosted the Forest Music Festival", hosted the "China the sixth Changchun Rural Tourism Festival" Jinxiu wave mud river, Xiangshan Temple Drunken Beauty "Forest Music Festival" and other large-scale activities of more than 50 times. Attracting a large number of tourists, less than thousands of people and tens of thousands of people, has caused a sensation in the society, caused a strong response, and highly evaluated the quality and service quality of our products, and enjoyed a high reputation in Jilin province. 2013 won the international festival brand gold finger award, in 2014 by the national scene judges assessed as 4A level scenic spots, Jilin Province in 2014 by the Tourism Bureau of safe area, in 2015 by the Changchun City Tourism Bureau of safe scenic area demonstration unit, Jilin Province in 2014 by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau awarded "the contract and trustworthy enterprise". In 2015 China Sports Culture Sports Tourism Expo "Chinese sports tourism products" title, in 2016 by the National Tourism Bureau for the optimization of tourism projects, in 2016 Changchun City nine District People's Government of the region's outstanding contribution to the development of service industry enterprises ", in 2016 Changchun City nine District People's government" economic development soft environment monitoring points ", 2016 Changchun City nine District Youth League" Young Pioneer "etc.. In 2017, the Changchun general trade union awarded the "labor award unit of May 1". In the 2017WSTOPS Winter Sports Award, the "winter tourist destination 10" was awarded. Jilin Province, "13th Five-Year" sports industry and tourism industry focus of the project, Changchun, "13th Five-Year" two or three key projects, nine industrial zone "13th Five-Year" key development projects.




The ice and snow world of Miao Xiangshan is divided into five major regions, which combine ice with snow. It integrates ice and snow products, amusement products and national cultural characteristics. Dozens of entertainment will shock the spring.